"Leading The Way In Workplace Flexibility"




The Flexible Workplace Initiative Program (Flexworks) is a division of TCT Enterprises, LLC (TCTE) with a focus on work-life balance.

The Flexible Workplace Initiative Program provides research on various aspects of flexible work options, including employee reactions and observed productivity, and mobility effects of implementing flex options. Consulting services are offered to companies needing assistance with development or implementation of new flexible work options or review of current policies.

Since its inception, the program has taken on a branding of its own, with recognition not only throughout the city of Houston, but worldwide. Due to the changing aspects of the workplace with the emergence of the newest generation of employees, flexible work options have not only become a way in which to decrease heavy traffic, but rather a necessary component in recruitment of new employees and retention of top talent.

Workplace Flexibility Objectives and Services:

 Promote Business Success – employers that are effective and flexible are more likely to have employees who are engaged;

 Promote Employee Success – employees who work in effective and flexible workplaces are less stressed and have a better fit between their work and personal or family lives; and assist with

 Policy Development/Implementation

  • Surveys
  • Pilot Studies
  • Research

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