TCTE provides professional consulting and coaching services with authentic communication while building strong relationships around trust, respect, and encouragement along the way.

TCTE provides consulting and training in human resources, professional development to individuals and/or organizations. We also provide business coaching in the areas of human resources, organization development, management, strategic processes and other start-up challenges.

TCTE benefits organizations and  individuals needing small concentrated sessions to help them grow and develop professionally. We assist in achieving personal career goals through self exploration.  Professional development is crucial for continuous growth and is an important part of any organizations,strategic and workforce planning.

TCTE strive to give clients a peace of mind and confidence to reach organizational goals and establish a structure that supports your values and culture.

Work closely with clients tackling their organizational development challenges Design appropriate consulting, training and organizational intervention to address specific needs from entry level to utive management.

We give clients an overall strategy in how they can:

  • Reach organizational or individual goals
  • Establish structure that supports your values and culture
  • Provide  coaching and guidance from start-ups to larger companies.
  • Design and structure appropriate consulting,  training and organizational intervention to address specific needs from entry level to utive management.

 Areas Of Expertise

Organizational Development Consulting

  • Design processes and structure for organizations
  • Define and build specific culture around their values and principles
  • Provide guidance for companies that have little or no structure or processes around workforce development strategic planning and performance management
  • Partner with organizations that want to build a rewards and recognition program to motivate their employees

Human Resources/Professional Development

We can assist owners or managers who need to learn to set up and operate the Human Resources function that have limited knowledge and/or no experience. A tematic process can be provided in order that structure is developed as well as a hands-on approach to managers in need of quickly developing an intensive knowledge of required functions.

  • Develop Training Programs
  • Career Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational development
  • Performance Management
  • Individual Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Pre-Employment Test
  • Career Assessments
  • Group Facilitation

Business Consulting

TCTE provides management consulting to small-midsize companies and business start-up.

TCTE designs performance management and rewards programs.  Our people are your partners for strategy structure and flexible work options.

Employee Relations/Management Development 

Human Resources Policies

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Organizational structure/culture
  • Change Management